Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Book Report: Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables was written by L. M. Montgomery. This book is about a girl named Anne who is adopted by brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. To Avonlea and Green Gables, Anne is a bright, sweet girl with a very big imagination. Anne’s parents died when she was very young, and Anne was in and out of the orphanage all her life. This book starts when Anne is eleven and ends when she is almost seventeen.  

The story begins when Matthew and Marilla decide to adopt a boy to help around their farm. Matthew goes to town to pick him up. But, when he gets there, a girl is sitting there waiting instead of a boy. He has no choice but to bring her home and ask Marilla what to do. On the ride home, Matthew grows to like Anne, so he persuades Marilla to keep her.
One of my favorite parts of the book is when Mrs. Lynde comes over and makes fun of Anne’s red hair. Anne lashes out at Mrs. Lynde and has to go and apologize to her. 

Another favorite part is when Anne and her friends decide to play “Lily maid,” and they choose Anne to go into the boat and be the “Lily maid.” The boat gets a crack and starts to sink in the middle of the lake. Anne climbs out on the side of a bridge. Gilbert sees her, rows his boat over to her, and rescues her.

The book ends when Matthew dies from a heart attack, and Anne had just won the Avery Scholarship at Queen's Academy. Anne decides to stay home and help Marilla because Marilla is losing her eye sight. Gilbert decides to give up teaching in Avonlea so that Anne can teach there and be near to Marilla. 

I really like Anne’s personality and her imagination. She is a very lovable character. I also think Matthew is a lovable character because of his sweetness for Anne. I found it funny how Anne needed puff sleeves, how she cared so much for her beauty, and how much she hated her red hair. Overall, I would recommend this book.   

By Jennifer Fuhrman

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